Cover artwork for new Philip B. Minehan book

Fernando is proud to collaborate with the American author Philip B. Minehan with the creation of the cover for his latest book “Anti Leftist Politics in Modern World History: Avoiding Socialism at All Costs” published by Bloomsbury.

Philip Minehan traces examples of anti-socialist hostility from around the world from the early 19th century. Starting in 19th-century Europe this book considers the rise of leftist opposition as capitalist industrial society expanded. It goes on to consider the role of imperialism in outmanoeuvring left-wing political movements during decolonization, the part played by anti-socialism in the rise of fascism, nationalism and the world wars, and US aggression against The Red Scare in the latter stages of the 20th century. Taking the reader up to the present day, the author addresses opposition to the left during the wars in the Middle East and the ensuing refugee crisis to demonstrate that fear of the left remains as destructive as ever.

Philip Minehan has a PhD in modern comparative history from UCLA. He teaches history and social science courses in the Liberal Studies department and the Honors program at California State University – Fullerton. He is also the author of Civil War and World War in Europe: Spain, Yugoslavia and Greece, 1936-1949 (New York, Palgrave Macmillan, 2006/2011). The cover of the 2011 paperback edition of that book also features a painting by Fernando Velázquez.