Born in 1966, Fernando Velázquez grew up in a small village just outside Seville. Fernando moved to London in 1996 where he spent several years working from a studio in Hackney. Having developed a large following of dedicated fans and collectors, he is living now in Dorset, a new source of inspiration in a new phase of his career. ‘I truly believe in the immense power of painting to reveal the deepest mysteries of the human condition. I paint to understand the world around me, discovering unknown territories full of meaning. Painting gives me the opportunity to see reality with clean eyes. The distinction between abstraction and figurative art has no relevance for me; all art is real, based upon our physical dimension and the endless current of our imagination.

I feel that the art of today should engage people on an emotional level, changing perception and revealing something new. I want to light a candle that never goes out, like Sibelius, to contribute to tradition with my personal vision. I want to move people as much as great art moves me, the art done by men and women before me. Although I struggle sometimes to give form to what I see inside, I believe that my paintings encapsulate life, touching the corners of a small universe of thought. Art is good when deeply felt, beyond technique, intention and knowledge; it is good when born from necessity, true passion and the strength to follow a path, regardless of the outcome. I paint to share my discoveries with anyone who sees the same endless journey towards light.’